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Our carport plans and building kits come in an unlimited range of sizes and styles. These designs are made in accordance to a person’s style and layout preferences. Four-car carports can be specially designed for households that entertain guests often or have several cars parked on the premises. Many are surprised at the wide range of carport layout options we have available.

Overview of four-car carport 

Building plans are designed to be free-standing and constructed on dirt, gravel, payment, or cement. These large metal buildings are specifically developed to maximize parking space availability or to expand storage or workshop space. Carports can be enclosed as a garage to store and shelter vehicles from the elements. Added covered parking areas can include wide openings or frame-outs for convenient access to cars, trucks, recreational vehicles and other equipment.

How are people using the four-car carport in their home?

Anyone who enjoys having guests can benefit from additional parking. Families with new teen drivers can conveniently park their cars in a garage on the premises, protecting the vehicles from the elements. Some households are situated in rural areas. These properties may need substantial space for storing recreational vehicles, tractors, machinery and cars. Those with antique car collections may want the extra protection to reduce the risk of theft and/or physical damage to the vehicles. 

Carports have many Commercial Uses

Many businesses take advantage of large carport shelters for equipment and supply storage. These buildings help protect companies’ investments by added large, covered parking and storage areas. The buildings also have applications in the Parks and Recreation industry as picnic shelter covers, and gathering places for large groups. These open roof systems have limitless uses for anyone looking for protection from sun, rain, and snow.

Explaining the options available

Choose structural designs and colors to coordinate with most any architectural theme. Consider a combination of double, tandem, and deeper bays, and even customize them to include extra storage space. Some use the carport style to add the quirkiest of features like lofts, while many use the space for workshop purposes.

Advantages of having a 4-car carport 

The four-car carport can be as large as you want. The space can be customized to meet the special needs of any household. Made from sturdy steel, these carports are sure to withstand harsh elements and aging. An attractive, custom carport increases the property value of your house. Many carport systems are pre-designed, with little room for modifications. Custom carport designers recognize the need for a system that works specifically for a household’s needs—which is especially important when there are varying dimensions to accommodate.

Carport design professionals handle every aspect of the design process. After the initial consultation, our designers will immediately begin developing a project plan to get the structure developed according to the agreed-upon specs. Permits, design and construction are all handled by experienced technicians to create an outstanding carport layout that works specifically for your family’s needs. Call us today at 1-877-445-6482 and schedule a consultation to discuss your household and storage needs.

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