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photo of a 4 car carport

For those of you with more vehicles than you know what to do with (or those of you that just need or want a lot of space around your cars!), a four car carport is large enough to store everything that needs to be stored, while also creating a great covered space that is able to serve a multitude of other purposes as well. A four car carport provides enough space for you to work on your cars, boats, trucks and more, and increases your property value just by being there! STEELLöK has the best selection of fully customizable, complete steel carport kits available today.

STEELLöK metal carport kits are made of 14-gauge Flo-Coated steel, which comes complete with a 30-year parts replacement warranty. Our car port kits include everything needed to get your structure built (with the exception of a few basic tools you probably already have anyway!). Also included with your kit is a step-by-step installation guide, making assembly of your 4 car carport crazy easy! Often our customers will need a building permit to construct their carport kits (this will depend on your county and state building requirements, check with them to find out if you need one!). If you need a permit to build, we are more than happy to provide you with engineered drawings of your structure, just let us know!

STEELLöK is proud to offer our QuickShip delivery with every product sold in the continental United States. If your carport has an international destination, we are also able to ship internationally at an additional fee. We also offer factory-warehouse pickup for those customers that are interested in transporting their carport kits themselves. If you are interested in either of the latter two options, your sales representative will be able to help you schedule dates and logistics after your kit has been manufactured.

To place your order for a new steel 4 car carport kit, or to have your questions answered, get more information, or request a custom quote, call STEELLöK at 1-800-463-6062. One of our helpful customer service associates will gladly assist you with whatever you need!

The images rendered on this page will not necessarily represent the kit that you will receive from us, should you order a four car carport. If you would like more information, contact a customer service representative.

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